Test Facilities Mfg Facilities

Manufacturing TSTR and DSTR Units

Castings and Deep Draw Boxes

TSTR Main Casting Mold
TSTR Main Casting Wax Pattern
TSTR Epoxy Mold Drying Rack
TSTR Main Casting Pouring Close up

TSTR Main Casting

TSTR Transition Mold
TSTR Transistion Epoxy Mold Drying Rack
TSTR Tranistion Casting

10,000 PSI, 40 inch Hydroforming Press for TSTR Lower Deep Draw Box
TSTR Hydroforming Die

TSTR Box Inspection
DSTR Casting Mold (Internal)
DSTR Outside Casting Mold

DSTR Casting Machining Fixture
Machining DSTR Parts

DSTR Final Assembly