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Creative Power Systems
1921 10th Street
Detroit, MI 48216

Accessible from I-75, Lodge, I-94, and I-96 Exways

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Creative Power Systems
471 Renaud Rd
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236

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Monday - Friday
09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday

About US

Creative Power Systems, Inc.(CPS) is a Michigan, USA Corporation devoted to the research, product development, design, manufacture, test, and sale of distributed generation products, energy storage, distribution automation, smart grid monitoring devices, and software for the real time monitoring, analysis, and control of both transmission and distribution electric power systems. CPS owns and operates a complete high voltage and high current test laboratory facility with indoor and outdoor test spans up to 345 kV ac steady state voltage, impulse up to 1,080,000 volts dc, fault current up to 50 kA ac, and indoor test spans up to 4000 A ac steady state current. In addition, CPS has performed engineering consulting work throughout the USA and rest of world. CPS manufacturing is performed at its own facilities in Detroit, Michigan, and Prague, Czech Republic.


The DSTR Unit measures distribution circuit data.




Powernostics® Software collects STR Unit data & diagnosis system problems.

The TSTR Unit measures transmission line data.




Do you know the operational characteristics of the transmission lines and  distribution circuits in your smart grid?

Do you want to learn more about the monitoring devices that are currently available to measure these characteristics in real time?
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DSTR and TSTR line monitoring Units and POWERNOSTICS Software replaces ten typical electric utility legacy systems at less than 4% of the cost of those systems.

  1. Weather Stations
  2. Power Quantity Monitoring
  3. Power Quality Monitoring
  4. Lightning Stroke Monitoring Systems
  5. Fault Recording, Fault Direction and Transfer Trip Schemes
  6. Photo Capture of Line Faults and Lightning Strokes (Production prototype Units only)
  7. Overhead Line Thermal Ratings
  8. Overhead Line Sags
  9. Conductor Icing Measurements and Calculations     (Production prototype Units only)
  10. Circuit Re-configuration and Control of Line Equipment and Distributed Generation

These DSTR & TSTR Units have GPS location, transfer trip and measure:

  1. Undisturbed Conductor Temperature
  2. Ambient Temperature
  3. Total Solar Radiation
  4. Relative Humidity
  5. Barometric Pressure
  6. Effective Wind Velocity
  7. True RMS Line Current & Waveforms
  8. Fault Current & Waveforms
  9. Fault Current Direction
  10. Lightning Stroke Current & Waveforms
  11. Line Sag & Clearance
  12. Rain Sensor**
  13. Ice Thickness**
  14. Tower Tilt – Broken Conductor*
  15. Insulator Swing Angle*
  16. Real Time Thermal Ratings
  17. True RMS Line Voltage
  18. Fault Voltage & Waveforms
  19. Fault Phase Angle & Waveforms
  20. Lightning Stroke Voltage & Waveforms
  21. Total Harmonic Current Distortion THDi
  22. Total Harmonic Voltage Distortion THDv
  23. Power Factor
  24. kW, MW
  25. kVAr, MVAr
  26. kVA, MVA
  27. Conductor Vibration*
  28. Synchro-phasor*
  29. Solar Disturbance*
  30. Transient Measurements

* TSTR unit only
** Production prototype Units only

The smart grid's missing link is fulfilled by DSTR and TSTR line monitoring Units and Powernostics® Software products.