STR Measurements and POWERNOSTICS Calculations
1  Line Sag Ѳp , slope, tc Line Sag, Line Clearance Steady State Current TSTR, DSTR 
2  Conductor Vibration Waveforms A, f Peak Amplitude and frequency Send alert TSTR
3 Swing Angle/Tower Tilt Ѳs , Ѳt Plots angles Sends alert TSTR
4 Real Time Thermal Rating Measurements I, tc, ta, qs Imax, τcrit., fcrit. Span, Veff.  Imax TSTR, DSTR 
5 Power Quantity Measurements True rms V, True rms I, Ѳv,i,                (P.F. wye) 360 samples/cycle 10 sec., 15 min., 30 min., 60 min. integration periods Steady State Load Current, Voltage and P.F. TSTR, DSTR 
6 Power Quantity Calculations   kW, kVAr, kVA, P.F.(delta) daily, weekly, monthly, annual profiles Power Factor Correction Devices TSTR, DSTR 
7 Voltage Profiles VAN ,VBN, VCN         VAB, VBC, VCA               circuit profiles Capacitor size and location, regulator location STR sends signals to regulators, capacitors and DG's TSTR, DSTR 
8   Circuit Phase Balancing   kVA/φ - existing, kVA/φ- after reconfiguration    DSTR 
9 % Unbalance Calculations   %I2/I1,  %V2/V1 Sends alert TSTR, DSTR 
10 Power Quality Calculations 360 samples/cycle, 35 cycles THDv , THDi Sends alert TSTR, DSTR 
11 Fault Data Measurements If, Vf waveforms,  Ѳf                                            360 samples/cycle up to 35 cycles If, Vf waveforms (360 samples/cycle) plots, polarity, fault direction Remote Control Switching Devices TSTR, DSTR 
12 Transfer Trip Vf, Iff   STR sends signal to DG TSTR, DSTR 
13 Lightning Stroke Measurements I, V waveforms (10 MHz samples) positive or negative polarity  i2t, Ipeak, Vpeak, & waveform plots Send alert > BIL TSTR, DSTR 
14 Transient Measurements Motor Start Inrush Voltage & Current,  Capacitor Switching Voltage & Current (360 samples/cycle) I, V waveforms & Ө   TSTR, DSTR 
15 Weather Station Measurements ta, qs, P, Rain, %RH Veff   TSTR, DSTR 
16 Icing Measurements I, tc, ta, qs, ice thickness Veff, De-ice current vs. time, Ice-prevention current De-ice current TSTR, DSTR 
(1) Using the STR units and Powernostics software to perform control functions is at the option of the user who takes full responsibility for the results.